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What a Wiki Is

A wiki is a collection of webpages, each with their own unique name. This is the "Help" page for example, and there can be no other page with that exact name. You can name them whatever you want, including spaces and punctuation.

These pages contain completely plain text without any punctuation and formatting. For the most part, wiki code is very straightforward. This text:

=Big Title=
==Smaller Title==
===Smallest Title===

This text is '''bold'''

This text is ''italic''

* This
*** Is
* A
** List
*** Of
* Bullet
** Items

[[ Crooked Lake and Round Lake Flood Committee | Link to the Main Page ]]

[ Link to Google]

Looks like this:

Big Title

Smaller Title

Smallest Title

This text is bold

This text is italic

  • This
    • Is
      • A
  • List
    • Of
      • Bullet
  • Items

Link to the Main Page

Link to Google

How to Edit Pages

On any page you are allowed to edit, there will be an 'edit' tab in the upper middle. Click it and you will be allowed to edit its contents in a white text window below. Change the text as you please, 'preview' to see that it looks right, then 'save' when you are done.

If you make a mistake, don't panic! A wiki stores all changes, and can undo them all with the 'history' tab.

How to Create Pages

If you want to create a page, type it into 'Search' and hit ENTER. When the search doesn't find it, it will ask you if you want to create it.

The Table of Contents

The table of contents appears for you. Titles like =this= will appear in it, and can be clicked to get to that spot in the page.


You link to a page with its [[name]]. If you want it to show as something other than its literal name, you can [[name|call it something else]]. A link to a web page is very simple: [].


I have organized this wiki mostly with categories. Each page can be in as many categories as you want. To put a page in a category, add a line like [[category:Category Name]] These lines will be invisible in the shown page.

To create clickable links to entire categories, you do [[:category:Category Name]]

It is possible to put categories inside categories. This is how I made image galleries, by putting images in an "August 17th, 2014" category, and putting the "August 17th, 2014" category into the "Image Galleries" category.

Getting Around

If you get lost while creating or organizing pages, take a look inside 'Special Pages' under Navigation on the left. There's a lot of things in there, but The "List of Pages" section can show you all pages and categories, 'recent changes' can show you what happened last.